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All About Stars - SkyScout Expansion Card
Item no. 93992
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The “All About the Stars”Expansion Card adds to theknowledge base of yourSkyScout® Personal Planetarium®.

Not only does it show you theobjects in the sky but now it can answer many of the mystifyingquestions about the Universe.

  • What will happen to our Sunwhen it runs out of energy?
  • Why are stars different colors?
  • What happens when galaxiescollide?


  • Color of Stars - learn what secrets are revealed by a star’s color.
  • Luminosity and Magnitude - Tour stars that are hundreds of timesbrighter than our Sun.
  • Stellar Evolution - Explore stars in every stage of their life cycle,from star forming regions to supernova.
  • Astro Trivia - Informative and funtrivia questions about the mostfamous night time objects

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